The Community

It's Inspiring Over Tiring

Set aside the housework and take some time to explore your surroundings. You’ll find pubs where you’ve always got a seat, parks with room to roam, market vendors who know your name and baristas who know your order. When you’re here, you’re home.

  1. .Ridgemont High School
  2. .Charles H. Hulse Public School
  3. .The Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
  4. .Samar Kabab House
  5. .Walkley Albion Park
  6. .Heatherington Park
  7. .Food Basics
  8. .Booster Juice
  9. .Samar Kabab House
  10. .Mermaid's Seafood Restaurant
  11. .Subway
  12. .Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
  1. .Ridgemont High School
  2. .Charles H. Hulse Public School
  1. .The Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus
  1. .Samar Kabab House
  2. .Food Basics
  3. .Booster Juice
  4. .Samar Kabab House
  5. .Mermaid's Seafood Restaurant
  6. .Subway
  7. .Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
  1. .Walkley Albion Park
  2. .Heatherington Park

The Community

About Heron Gate.

Heron Gate is positioned to set a new standard in sustainable, diversity-driven urban design. The planning process is still in its early stages, but Hazelview is committed to creating an inclusive community in which people come first. A complete, vibrant and diverse community in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

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